Why set our sights on the 17th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates?

More young people are joining efforts to help build peace, they want to transform the reality of today’s world and guarantee a better place for the development of the new generations.

As young people who have grown up between strong economic recessions, environmental crises and extreme exposure to information, it is common to feel paralyzed when we think about the «future», because apart from being uncertain, it also seems hopeless to us, so we try to enjoy the now as much as possible and not face the frightening reality of the world we are inheriting.

In spite of this complexity, every day we are more and more young people and children who leave our apathy aside and get up to say «enough is enough!» of so many injustices, of exploiting natural resources, of censoring our ideas and of continuing to condemn our future in the name of «development» and «justice» that still does not reach everyone equally. Rising from different foxholes, often feeling that we are alone, de-constructing ourselves, learning, motivated to build a peaceful and equitable world.


Inspired by women and men who throughout history, regardless of their circumstances and the huge challenge have managed to make a substantive change to reality, demonstrating that what was once a utopia, with their work and leadership they have made a difference, leaving the new generations closer to the goal; The path has never been easy, but if there is one thing their life stories have left us, it is that in order to achieve real change we need everyone, contributing day by day to the construction of peace, incorporating into our lives acts that often seem to be insufficient but that together transform us and lead us towards the change.

This year in Mexico we have the honor of having the 17th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates which, in addition to contributing to a constant collaboration and exchange of learning, shows us that adding is the best way to find a solution to the great challenges and to achieve peace on our planet.

We can certainly not wait to live this experience and share with our readers the stories, the successful examples and the actions we can adopt or the initiatives we can join to create a better world for all of us.

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